• Saira D.

Why I'll Never Recommend Game Of Thrones to Anyone

This is for all of us that started Game of Thrones way back when, and whose souls were thrown into the deepest trenches of the ocean in 2019. Eight years of cliff hangers, incredible patience and non-faltering loyalty, just to get pushed off the side of a boat in the middle of the ocean for us all drown to our deaths. If you're an OG Game of Thrones viewer like myself, I know you can literally feel my pain. And if you're a newer viewer – as in you’ve been able to binge all eight seasons and not need to wait year after year for eight whole years – then lucky you. You didn’t waste your time and life.

Season eight, is really all that needs to be said. The season that ruined everything. The season that made me want to throw my TV out the window and curse the day HBO decided to focus less on GOT and more on shows like Westworld. I mean, you made us wait a whole two years for that last season of total garbage. Come on HBO! I literally cannot understand how you could treat people with such disrespect. If I had waited a year as per usual for the final season, I probably would have only been 90% mad. But two years for the complete write-off that was GOT season eight pushed me right to 100% total rage. Wasting time is one of the things I loathe most in life, so the fact that I spent so many years of my life following the series only to watch the worst, shortest and incredibly prolonged series finale of a solid series like Game of Thrones, makes me so mad and sad.

What’s worse? The fact that season seven was so amazing – one of the best seasons amid all eight in my opinion – and which of course, ended with that epic end scene (that I then had to wait an entire two years to discover what happened next). And what did happen next? An incredibly rushed series finale that chose very obvious, short, and even totally nonsensical ways to tie up all loose ends. You could literally feel the dust flying off the hands of the producers and directors of GOT, as they dusted their hands of this series when it came to an end. That’s how obvious it was that no one who created this last season really cared about the series anymore. Think about it like this: a good person would walk the distance to throw their recyclable plastic bottle or paper cup into the correct recycling bin. A lazy and the worst kind of person would just throw everything in the garbage bin. Can you guess which person those responsible for creating GOT season eight is? That’s right, they're the garbage person – which you already know, is a complete reflection of season eight. Straight. Trash.

The pain caused by the series finale of Game of Thrones runs deep. Just thinking about it while I’m typing this piece makes me want to cry and still throw my TV out the window. And because of such emotions, I told myself that terrible day in 2019 as the last episode aired that I would never recommend this show to anyone on this planet. And I haven’t since! And yes, starting the series post-GOT era won't hurt as bad because years of your life aren’t going down the toilet as that last season did, but I still feel so cheated as a loyal fan and follower by what happened, I don’t want anyone else to feel that way. Even if you watch the entire series in two weeks or a month, you’ll still hate the ending and the ending of it all, I guarantee you. So why would I intentionally want someone to feel that way? Me having to live with this pitiful past is enough for me to handle. I can't bear anyone else I know who hasn’t embarked on the Game of Thrones journey to feel any type of way that isn't a good feeling, by the end of a show. So when someone asks me if they should start Game of Thrones or were thinking about starting it – especially during Covid-19 lockdown – I repeat these two words: “hell” and “no”. And as I write this piece for my readers, it’s to let you in on the same answer if you're debating on starting the series. Hell. No! And yes, it is a free country and you do have the right to watch what you want to watch, but trust me when I say, I’m saving you from the soul crushing you're only bound to feel if you do decide to start, Game of Thrones.

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