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Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas ft. "Bridget Jones' Diary"!

Merry Christmas once again to all my readers! 2021 has been a classic repeat of 2020 and that includes the Covid-19 Pandemic’s infringement on holidays like Christmas and New Years. But fear not! Because social distancing and isolation and keeping within one’s circle should translate to staying home perhaps more often than one wishes (unless you're like me and thrive at home because hello that’s where the TV, DVD player and various streaming platforms exist in a way that provides the best film or series watching experience!) This holiday season I chose yet another early 2000’s comedy for Christmas… so here to kick off this wondrous day with all the laughs and holiday cheer, plus breaking down how this film classifies as a Christmas classic, FLIX presents… Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Okay so first things first, is Bridget Jones’ Diary even a Christmas film? The answer is yes, because it starts and ends during the holiday season – I’m talking family Christmas dinners, family New Year’s functions, carolers outside the house, Christmas office work parties, new years resolutions, bettering yourself, skimming through the rest of the year and then bam! We’re back in December. And of course, we have a love story – because what are holiday films without a romance story for people to get all mushy and gushy over? And we know people must like such things because how else can you explain the explosion that is, Hallmark movies?! This 2001 film starring Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth is about our protagonist Bridget – a woman living in London, single, terribly socially awkward, and in her 30’s – and her journey to becoming a better version of herself all whilst trying to find true love and dealing with the chaos and charm that is, family. And though I’m sure many people have seen this classic (especially since its newest rendition came out in 2016), there is the chance that you haven’t and if you haven’t, I highly recommend doing so because its. So. Damn. Funny!

Transitioning now into the most anticipated section of this piece, let’s talk comedy! Our protagonist Bridget – played by the fantastic American actress Renée Zellweger who does an immaculate job of impersonating a young British woman who hasn’t got any of her shit together but, is trying to get her shit together – is probably the funniest character purely because of her social awkward and weaknesses, absent-mindedness, and internal strength to never let anyone get her down any more than she’ll allow. You see her experience horrendous situations and get laughed at on more than one occasion, however she always finds a way to bounce back – usually with the help of her friends which leads us to the next bit… her friends! Each character in this film has a distinct personality type and attributes, which makes the film hilarious because you get so many different points of views and kinds of humour. Her friends are mad but they’re good friends to her and whenever they meet up in the film, you will laugh! Next, we have Hugh Grant’s character Daniel Cleaver who is hilarious only because he is played by Hugh Grant. If you for some reason are unaware of Hugh Grant and his acting, think of Ryan Reynolds. How he has a very distinct way of delivering his lines, his facial expressions, his voice, and how no matter the film or role he kind of always acts in the same Ryan Reynolds way – which I personally find hilarious and don’t seem to tire from. Hugh Grant acts in just the same way but with a British suave that feeds perfectly into the type of humour he clearly enjoys or can emit. The way this man delivers his lines can be so funny and what's more, is his fight scene with Colin Firth. This is by far, hands-down, the best fight scene you’ll ever see in a film. It’s terrible but terribly funny and is the absolute cherry on top toward the end of the film.

So this Christmas day or holiday season, treat yourself to a funny yet feel good film that is, Bridget Jones’ Diary because trust me, though it may not be a “conventional” Christmas story, it’s the perfect family or friends Christmas movie that will literally have you laughing into the new year! So Merry Christmas once more, and Happy New Year!

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