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Happy Canada Day ft. "The Proposal"!

Happy (belated) Canada Day folks! Okay so yes, Canada Day is July 1st which was yesterday but, FLIX uploads on Friday’s so here are on July 2nd! I thought long and hard about what film to write on for this national holiday of mine and came to the 2009 romcom The Proposal, as it’s about the most “Canadian-ish” film out there that’s quite popular. But wait, “what do you mean by that?” you might ask? Just stay tuned! Using our national motto “From Sea to Sea”, this Canadian holiday piece delves into the Pacific with an actor, the Atlantic with a location, the Arctic with yet another location and of course, we’ll talk comedy. Let’s get exploring!

Okay so obviously The Proposal is an American film, and it’s actually funny that this film was the best option besides Juno to write about because well, Canada doesn’t have much of its own films besides French-Canadian films (kudos to French-Canada) and Juno, which is way too indie for the masses. So, what was I left with? Finding films either starring Canadian actors or Canadian film locations (either set in or just filmed in – and it’s usually the latter). And I’m not the only one – Disney+ had a O Canada Collection on its platform for Canada Day and what were its film options? Predominantly Marvel films that starred Canadian actors which left you with any Avengers films starring Robin from How I Met Your Mother, or Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. Wow. Right? Oh Canada…

But now let’s take a dip into ocean number one: the Pacific Ocean starring Vancouver’s favorite actor… Ryan Reynolds! Ryan being in this film is basically the most Canadian on-paper aspect The Proposal has, but it is jokes that in the film he’s the American and his real-life American co-star Sandra Bullock plays the “reluctant” Canadian – but we’ll swim in that ocean later. Ryan Reynolds stars in many films around the world and as he gets more into filmmaking, we are starting to see more Canadian ties being brought in and established with him. However, that isn’t the case for The Proposal.

Zipping right over the expansive geographical landmass that is Canada we’ve now arrived at our next ocean: the Atlantic Ocean starring the idolized city of Toronto – just a few provinces back from the ocean. Now Toronto is only mentioned because protagonist Margaret who is played by American Sandra Bullock, is from Toronto and has lived and worked in NYC with an American Visa. When her Visa expires and its renewal was denied, she is faced with deportation back to Canada and Toronto to be precise. And that my friends, is the end of our brief dip into the Atlantic Ocean and our short tale of Toronto!

Lastly, we head way up north to our final sea: the Arctic Ocean starring the state of Alaska to be precise but let’s be real, Alaska might as well be a part of Canada (as it used to be) and if you don’t want to think so, then something you cannot deny is that the landscape is 100% Canadian. With miraculous ocean and mountain views throughout the film as well as ties to Indigenous culture that is predominant in this part of the country and world, this aspect of the film is probably the most Canadian thing The Proposal has going for it besides Ryan Reynolds.

And here we are at the end of our terribly brief Canadian journey, but you can still have a very fun Canada Day with this film because of its humor! The Proposal truly is hilarious and not only because of staple Ryan Reynolds acting and how funny he can just be and is, but also because of the efforts from Sandra Bullock and Betty White! Both of these protagonists also played a crucial role in bringing comedic relief and effects in totally different ways, and this variety of funny leaves us with a truly hilarious film that I believe was enjoyed by basically everyone in any age group. And I mean, who doesn’t want a lolz on a holiday?! When there isn't much going on this Canada Day 2021 due to the Pandemic and Indigenous awareness (and rightly so), at least you can have some good chuckles at home and relax with breathtaking vistas and some funnies with your classic Canadian, Ryan Reynolds. Happy Canada Day!

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