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Ensuring a Very Merry Christmas w/ "Just Friends"!

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas! Wishing you and yours of course, the happiest of days this holiday season and as many laughs as possible! As the year 2020 makes its way to a close, and as the year 2021 follows in its footsteps, what better way to end the year we’ve had than with… a Christmas comedy! Now this isn’t just any Christmas comedy but my favourite Christmas comedy, so here to brighten your day even more so, is Roger Kumble’s Just Friends featuring my hometown hero, Ryan Reynolds.

First things first, you know this film will be jokes because, well, Ryan Reynolds? I honestly can't think of a single person from any country or city I’ve been to or lived in that doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds. The man is just funny, and in a way that anyone from any age group can concur. Just Friends is a 2005 film so its quite the throwback, but the fact that its an early 2000’s film means you’ll be greeted with some serious nostalgia that I am quite sure everyone will appreciate and enjoy! This holiday film is genuinely so hilarious for many reasons, but it’s because of these staple elements that make it a classic Christmas comedy: first, being the fact that Ryan Reynolds plays the role of our protagonist “Chris”, second being an accurate representation of sibling relationships (especially when brothers are involved), third is due to the fact that character development is 100% there so there is something for everyone to love, hate or relate to in some way, shape or form, and lastly the 2000’s essence is one I cherish and quite frankly, one I’m sure most people do as well – because who doesn’t love the simplicity of the 2000’s, and of course… the music!

Delving into what makes Just Friends the best and my favourite Christmas comedy besides Ryan Reynolds, is the sibling relationship that is portrayed between Chris and his younger brother, “Mike”. Violent, jokes and still filled with love is the way in which I would describe their relationship, and to be honest its one I relate to as well – but with my sister! Whether you are brothers or sisters or both, I guarantee you you’ll either relate to their relationship completely or partially, but either way I know laughs will be had just because you know the feeling! A pair of brothers who couldn’t be more different or mean to one another, at the end of the day truces are trusted and upheld, deeds are always done to help one another, and that sense of understanding simply due to time is always there. So no matter how much Chris and Mike do or don’t get along, at the end of the day they're always there for one another and that’s a wonderful concept to know, feel and of course, highlight during the Christmas season! Of course, being a comedy, the pranks and jokes are ever present and they’re honestly some of the aspects of this film that make me laugh the most!

Third, is the ever-important aspect of character development. This is something that is always essential in films if you really want the audience to thoroughly enjoy a film, because it means viewers will remember who is who, and why. It makes every character and not just the protagonist or antagonist important and memorable, because every character either teaches you something, is relatable, reminds you of someone else, or makes you feel something that you otherwise might not have felt if they weren’t there. A classic example people might be familiar with is Alfred from the Batman trilogy, as he isn't the protagonist or antagonist, but who can say they’ve watched Batman and not learned something from Alfred? Do you agree that Alfred’s existence in the films is crucial? Yes, you do! Without Alfred Bruce Wayne would never be Batman, and you remember Alfred not just because his is the family Butler for generations, but because the script and direction of the film make sure enough time and attention is also given to the development of the character Alfred, so that the audience can learn what kind of person he is, and the role he plays not just in the plot, but in the lives of the “main characters” – and it is only because this is done, that you understand how Bruce is nothing without Alfred and you appreciate his character so much more. That said, many of the characters in Just Friends outside the “main characters” title do exactly the same, and each in their own ways meaning it just adds that much more icing on the cake, or gingerbread cookies!

Last but not least, as you already know Just Friends is a 2005 film meaning you're right in the thick of 2000’s life, flip phones, pop music and all! You’re transported a good 15 years back while watching this film, and trust me when I say you’ll enjoy every minute of this type of time travel. Like I said above, who doesn’t miss the simplicity of the early 2000’s, and all the pop music and boybands?! These days everything is way too digital, overly complicated when technology is technically supposed to be making our lives “easier” (or should I say, lazier – think WALL-E on that one for sure), and we’re all just focusing on so many other things at once and outside our own lives these days that it’s hard to feel like you're not in a whirlwind in some way, shape or form. Going “back in time” with Just Friends thus gives you a nostalgic feeling for sure, but even more so it makes you feel light and kind of warm, especially whilst laughing, and isn't that exactly what you should be feeling during Christmas?! That’s exactly what the “Christmas spirit” is about (and of course, more than this) but the fact that this Christmas comedy helps you feel that way is special, important, and obviously very timely!

Hoping to have persuaded your fuzzy socks off, I can’t wait for you all to enjoy this classic Christmas comedy (that I literally watch every year) on Netflix, and to be able to share the joy and jokes of it all with you all, this Christmas Day! So get to watching and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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