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A Covid-19 Halloween w/ Tim Burton!

BOO! And Happy Halloween! This year Halloween (like all other holidays and quite frankly, almost anything in general this year), is different. As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to control and seriously alter our lives, the status quo and/or norms, this special day of October 31st, 2020 is less festive than usual. But fear not! Or at least… not yet… as FLIX has saved this spooky day! Throwing top notch, not-so-basic Halloween or Halloween vibe films your way, I present to you four films by the maliciously clever and Spooktacular director, Tim Burton! Oh, a Happy Halloween indeed!

Dark Shadows:

This 2012 film definitely isn't your basic Vampire film, no. Besides containing some staple character-creatures, Dark Shadows is a dark, eerie and spooky… comedy! Riddled with ominous sounds and images, revenge, love, lust, cheeky remarks, harsh words, harsh truths, and comedic relief always at the perfect time, this film fuses both the past and present, old world versus new world and most importantly, has quite the range of characters meaning there is something for every viewer to enjoy or relate to – the latter being a key factor when you think about engagement between audience and artwork, so thank you Mr. Tim Burton! Takeaway: Watch this film if you want suspense, jokes, and something new and different!


This 2012 Tim Burton animation is a classic tale between man and mans best friend, the art of encouragement, and is certainly on the child-friendly side of the Tim Burton film scale. Working still with creepy elements, created in black and white to add the layer of morbidity we so commonly know and adore in Tim Burton films, and with a heavy focus on the afterlife, Frankenweenie is a beautiful story everyone can learn from. Whether its parenting skills 101, feeding your inventor soul, or simply because you’re a dog person, this Halloween-time film is a light yet dark creation, whose binary only adds to the brilliance of Tim Burton’s genius. Takeaway: Watch this film if you love dogs, are feeling a bit more on the lighter side (perhaps a day-time Halloween film if you wish), but still thirst for some sad and scary characteristics.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street:

This 2007 musical/horror definitely lives up to its genre. Featuring an immensely loud and frightening score plus songs, the audio portion of this film alone feeds into its dark soul very well. Ridiculously gory yet slightly comical, Sweeney Todd is, at its core, a sad romance story that also serves its audience a lesson or two on the fact that no bad deed goes unpunished… so watch your actions… and your back! With an ending too surprising yet also familiar, Tim Burton really drowns us in a glass half empty with all things love, lust, gore, and karma. Takeaway: Watch this film if you don’t mind random break outs in song, need to fill your Halloween gore tank, and also want a sad love story with glimmers of comedic relief so you don’t feel that depressed.

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas:

Throwing it all the way back to 1993, this Tim Burton classic directed by Henry Selick (that’s right, Tim Burton did not direct this film), is a Halloween film with a twist. How amazing! As I’m always keen on finding and enjoying things that are more outside the box, The Nightmare before Christmas gives you all the Halloween vibes and chaos you need, while blending it just enough with the next big holiday coming our way, Christmas! This Spooktacular film is riddled with all things gross and grim as Halloween films should be, but is lightened by Christmas lights and a little love story you didn’t know you needed in your life! Paying great attention to detail as well, this film delivers all the monsters, their mannerisms and traits in a way that actually makes you appreciate the hard work animators put into creating this story world, and ensuring its accuracy for ultimate immersion and spookiness. Takeaway: Watch this film if you want to remember and experience all Halloween creatures and monsters on this fine, eerie day, and if you’re interested in seeing the complete and utter chaos that unfolds when a Halloween king tries to takeover Santa Clauses job!

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