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A Covid-19 Halloween II w/ Tim Burton!

Boo! And Happy Halloween during a pandemic, again! Though this year things truly are much better than last, it still prevented a "normal" Halloween full of people dressed as whoever or whatever they decided to be, door to door, everywhere! But fear not (ish), because FLIX on this spooky day has brought you some Tim Burton films that will perfectly get you feeling the Halloween vibes all day long. Get ready for some less conventional takes on all things monsters, living, dead, weird, scary, and spooky with Tim Burton!

Edward Scissorhands:

This 1990 film is one of Director Tim Burton’s earlier works and truly is, classic Tim Burton. Something strange and dark pitted against an almost fantasy world of perfect, bright, happy, colourful… suburbia. The concept of being created, different, alone and having one’s hands as scissors brings the twisted element to this otherwise quite charming love story – which really begins setting the tone for his future films! Takeaway: A film on the lighter side of the Tim Burton scale, watch this film for Halloween if you want spooky and weird, but still a nice story on this day!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children:

Tim Burton’s 2016 film about children with special powers thrown back in time to constantly exist during the middle of WWII in 1943, is an awfully different kind of story line for a “children’s” film… but here we are and thank you Mr. Burton for continuing to challenge our concept of “normal”, by showing us that a simple shift in perspective leads to seeing things in new lights – even if that light has a very gray and dark tone to it! What makes this film almost as much a comedy as it is a fantasy/thriller/adventure film, is the fact that Tim Burton pits something wonderful, magical, and brilliant against something dark and destructive. The best example is the fact that these kids exist within the same day every day, and that very day is the day a Nazi bomb drops dead center on top of their house. How awful! And yet it’s taken so lightheartedly because the reality that exists around that very event is the sheer opposite of the world that exists around the event itself! Takeaway: this film has an incredibly adventurous and different storyline which makes it fun to watch, however staple Tim Burton elements like monsters, dead things, weird things and weird concepts like eating children’s eyeballs? You know, the usual vibes, make it a perfect day-time Halloween film.

Corpse Bride, 2005:

This wonderful (and personal favourite of mine) is a dreary and cold 2005 musical directed by Tim Burton. This film pulls all the workings from the grave – literally – and poses a strange concept that a living man can marry a dead bride… a Corpse Bride, ha! This film is terribly sad and cold, and the tones it uses portray this emotion and feeling by casting everything under a blue and gray blanket. Until… you enter the Underworld! There we are met with colour, music, life! Imagine! It’s a ridiculous and hilarious twist on our concept of life vs. the afterlife, all while the film is miserable and charming, happy and sad, and let’s not forget… a musical! Takeaway: Corpse Bride is a very imaginative animation film perfectly set up to watch on Halloween! Its characters and concepts are strange, dead, depressing, but funny and love to sing, which is why even though it might leave you feeling cold with a bitter aftertaste, I can honestly say, its pretty bittersweet!

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